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In BioMedix, we offer a diverse range of clinical diagnostics tools, ranging from chemistry analysers and reagents to high quality instruments specific for distinct applications in the clinical laboratories, research and medical diagnostic procedures. These products available are designed and developed to meet the various requirements of laboratory procedures and needs of clinical laboratories.

Our company is GDPMDS-certified (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices) and our products are registered with Health Sciences Authority.



Presently known as Merckmillipore, its expertise lies in offering high quality and specialised products catered towards Healthcare and Life Sciences industry with products and services ranging from chemical reagents to custom probes.

Products Offered:

Sigma-Aldrich’s Haematology Products

  • Adhesives, Consumables, Mounting Media, Fixatives, Controls, Certified Stains & Dyes, Cytochemistry, Hematology Stains, Cell Separation

Merck’s Hematology Products


Specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of in-vitro diagnostic tools and reagents, ELITechGroup has an established range of innovative products and solutions catered for the distinguished applications of various fields such as microbiology, hematology and cystic fibrosis in clinical laboratories.

Products Offered:

Hematology Slide Stainers

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

MS Laboratoires

With a niche in developing and manufacturing analyser technologies, MS Laboratoires is dedicated to providing reliable and specialized laboratory needs in the haematology and biochemistry fields.

Products Offered:

Analysers – Hematology, Thrombosis

Capricorn Scientific

As a dedicated manufacturer of high quality cell culture media, sera and reagents, Capricorn Scientific aims to provide a wide range of traditional and customised products to meet the requirements of biotech, diagnostics and research requirements.

Products Offered:

Cell Separation


With a fundamental mindset in meeting the growing demand for cell examination tools, INCYTO specialises in developing effective analytical and diagnostic technologies for bio-industrial and research applications.

Products Offered: