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In BioMedix, we provide a wide array of products for the Life Sciences industry. This ranges from cell culture products such as classical media, fetal bovine serum & antibiotics to consumables such as disposable haemocytometers, 3D platform and booster needles for animal works. In addition to molecular biology products such as PCR kits & its reagents, we also provide antibodies, proteins and research kits to meet the requirements for research laboratories.

Molecular Biology


Presently known as Merckmillipore, its expertise lies in offering high quality and specialised products catered towards Healthcare and Life Sciences industry with products and services ranging from chemical reagents to custom probes.

Products Offered:

Doctor Protein

Molecular Biology Products

Cloning & Expression

Custom DNA Oligos

DNA & RNA Purification


Molecular Biology Reagents

Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis & Hybridization


Plant Biotechnology

Whole Genome Application


As a leading company in molecular diagnostics, MGmed continues to design innovative instruments for the diagnosis of genetic diseases by offering exclusive products consisting of microarray based chips as well as reagents and PCR kits required for diagnosis of cancers and sexually transmitted infectious diseases.

Products Offered:

Chromosomal Microarray – P-chip, C-chip etc.

Fetal Cell Technology

Molecular Biology Reagents


Whole Genome Amplification