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Clinical Diagnostics

In BioMedix, we offer a diverse range of clinical diagnostics tools, ranging from chemistry analysers and reagents to high quality instruments specific for distinct applications in the clinical laboratories, research and medical diagnostic procedures. These products available are designed and developed to meet the various requirements of laboratory procedures and needs of clinical laboratories.

Our company is GDPMDS-certified (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices) and our products are registered with Health Sciences Authority.

Third Party Controls


RANDOX is a leading provider of multi-analyte, true third party controls covering more than 390 parameters. The unique combination of analytes facilitates effective consolidation, helping your laboratory to reduce costs without compromising on performance or quality. RANDOX’s Acusera controls are manufactured with analytes present a clinically relevant decision levels, eliminating the need to purchase additional high or low level controls, at extra expense.

Laboratory Controls Offered:


Blood Gas


Clinical Chemistry

Coagulation & Haematology

Diabetes & Whole Blood




Specialty & Research

Therapeutic Drugs



Interlaboratory Data Management Program Offered:

Acusera 24.7