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In BioMedix, we supply medical devices dealing with animal health which include diagnostic machines and rapid test kits applicable to a wide range of animals. The products available are designed and developed to meet the needs of veterinary care and treatment services.

Our company is GDPMDS-certified (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices) and our products are registered with Health Sciences Authority.



With patient care as the primary focus to ensure accuracy in lab testing and guaranteed real cost savings, RANDOX specialises in providing a comprehensive and extensive range of clinical chemistry analysers and reagents that consolidates routine and specialised tests into a single platform. The chemistry analysers are also design to replicate its functions for the suitable use in the veterinary market, offering a wide range of assays for the diverse group of animals.

Products Offered:

Clinical Chemistry Analysers RX series (Vet)

MS Laboratoires

With a niche in developing and manufacturing analyser technologies, MS Laboratoires is dedicated to providing reliable and specialized laboratory needs in the haematology and biochemistry fields.

Products Offered:

Biochemistry Analyser (Vet)

Haematology Analyser (Vet)


Recognised as one of the leading companies focusing on research and development of biotechnologies, ASAN PHARM delivers accurate and effective solutions for laboratory research areas by providing high-end diagnostic products with great precision. These diagnostic products are not limited to human healthcare but also veterinary health.

Products Offered:

Rapid Test Kit (Vet)