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Clinical Diagnostics

In BioMedix, we offer a diverse range of clinical diagnostics tools, ranging from chemistry analysers and reagents to high quality instruments specific for distinct applications in the clinical laboratories, research and medical diagnostic procedures. These products available are designed and developed to meet the various requirements of laboratory procedures and needs of clinical laboratories.

Our company is GDPMDS-certified (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices) and our products are registered with Health Sciences Authority.


Nordic BioSite

With over 20 years of experience, Nordic BioSite specializes in the provision of high quality and innovative products for use in research and diagnostics through their growing line of products. Working closely with their partners and customers, Nordic BioSite continuously seeks to grow and adapt its product line to meet evolving research trends and customer needs.

In the field of Immunohistochemistry, Nordic BioSite developed Optibodies: Optimal monoclonal antibodies designed for optimal immunihistochemistry in any clinical pathology laboratory.

Products Offered: